Help us grow and secure a facility so we can help more people

We Want To Make A BIG Impact


Alpha Omega Personal Fitness has always been about helping others and see lasting changes. Now we’re ready to not only help more people with their fitness goals but to help those in need. First in our local community and then in other cities and states.

We’re raising funds to secure a facility in order to have a greater presence in our city which will directly assist our ability to help those in need. By doing so we will not only be able to generate more revenue and thus have more resources to help others.

We will also be better able to develop a large network of local businesses, organizations and individuals, host events and fundraisers and get those in need of immediate help connected with those who are able to.

Some ways we will be able to help include:

  • Creating a local emergency fund to help individuals and families cover bills such as rent, utilities, medical bills, and more
  • Becoming a local resource to help amplify emergency requests, connect people with local businesses and organizations that can assist them with services and job opportunities, and giveaways
  • Hold food drives, fundraisers and clothing giveaways

Thank you for considering to give to help bring this vision to life. Every dollar counts and will help improve the lives of many people.

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