3 Day Jump-Start

Get your fitness goals back on track the right way with our 3 day training package. You’ll get assessments, resources, and a plan made just for you so you can see the best results 

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About The offer

Get a jump start on your fitness goals! Our new 3 day package will give you all you need to start a successful fitness program.

In this program we pull out all the stops to make sure we can develop a program that is custom to you and your goals. 

In the 3 Day Jump-Start you’ll receive:

-A 60-90 minute In-Home Consultation to discuss your goals in depth

-Multiple corrective exercise assessments to guide your program and make sure you stay safe

-Measurement taking to track your starting place.

-Full nutrition setup. You’ll know how many calories to eat along with your macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) along with getting a bunch of guides to help you make good dietary choices.

-Performance assessments that will show you how well you’re doing outside of just looking at measurements

-A workout you can do at home or at the gym based off the results of your assessments

What You Get


A 60 to 90 minute In-Home Consultation


Full Nutrition Setup


A Take Home Program You Can Do By Yourself


Multiple Corrective Exercise Assessments to Keep You Safe


Measurement Taking to Set a Starting Place


Performance Assessments to Further Track Your Progress

Glowing Reviews

 “I used to always make up excuses to not go to the gym. I decided to give personal training a try & I finally found what works for me! Having Josh as as a personal trainer gave me someone that holds me accountable.

He guides me on how to do exercises correctly & efficiently to get the best results. I also have improved my nutrition from Josh recommending healthy food options & calorie counting. Overall so glad I decided to give this a try & still enjoying personal training with him to this day! I Highly recommend him!”


“Josh is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer who will help get you the results you seek.”


“We love Josh! He is a fun guy to work out with . He is dedicated professional, always on time with great communication skills. Very knowledgeable and very helpful. I’m glad I found him. I don’t see myself training with anyone else. Thank you Josh so much! You are a great find.”


“Working out with Josh has improved my energy level and helped me learn to work out the aches and pains that come with my desk job. He is a lot of fun to workout with and has made me not hate working out anymore. The monthly changes to the focus helps keep it from getting boring and ensures it is always challenging. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for motivation to get off the couch.”


“My experience with Alpha and Omega was nothing short of amazing they’re flexible and work very hard to accommodate your needs. If you’re looking to make lifestyle changes and seeking solid motivational and reliable accountability check them out!”



“When I wanted to get ready for a ski vacation in January, so I started training with Josh in November 2019. I was so happy with how effective was that I have continued the workouts. I started seeing the results in my day to day life pretty much 1 week after I started and it is awesome!! Josh, the trainer is very knowledgeable, with great tips for making the most of the workouts, what to eat after, and what supplements to take. I have never been good about making myself go to the gym. But with Josh, the accountability, really helps knowing he is headed my way to get our workout in. I really love that I get to work out in my own space. I would highly recommend Alpha Omega for your Fitness needs.”


Pounds Lost

Inches Lost

Lbs of Lean Muscle Gained

With Alpha Omega Personal Fitness, you’re not dealing with ordinary trainers. You’re getting professionals dedicated to our craft.

Our goal is your safety and success. Not only will you reach your primary goal, but you’ll also see improvements in multiple other aspects of fitness so you can live healthier, feel stronger, and be your best.

Our service is about one thing: YOU. Your success. Your happiness. Your convenience. Your future. 

That’s why we can confidently say that our service is unmatched in all of Jacksonville. 

Nice guy and very professional. Very willing to adjust for injuries and circumstances. I would highly recommend for personal training.

Brian Ridenhour

Hiring Josh was a great investment for my entire family. We were in a rut and sick of group fitness classes, but still wanted the instruction and planning that comes with a structured program. He designs perfect workouts for all levels of fitness and changes it up to keep everyone from getting bored. I was amazed at how quickly we saw results... while having fun!

Jenny Edwards

I can’t say enough about Josh, both as a trainer and a person. He is very accommodating and customizes the workout to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals. I have seen spectacular results and will continue my training with josh to increase my strength and flexibility. Thanks Josh for making my fitness journey a success and showing me the way to a better me!!

Ilona Arzumanyan

About the Owner

Josh Smith Personal Trainer Jacksonville, FL

Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Josh Smith is an expert on long-term weight loss and leads by example. Kicking off his own fitness journey by losing over 100 pounds, he fell in love with fitness after growing up overweight and sedentary. He has helped over 50 people lose a combined total of over 500 pounds and is continuing to push hard to change as many lives as possible. 

His desire to help others launched Alpha Omega Personal Fitness as a way to help people by removing the excuses and barriers that stand in the way of health and getting in shape. Josh was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and loves that he has the opportunity to make a difference in the city he loves.

Josh Smith

Success Stories

Photo of personal trainer Atlantic Beach client before and after

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Before & After Personal Training in Jacksonville, FL

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Before & After Personal Training in Jacksonville, FL

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In One Month You Can

Lose Up to 6

Pounds of bodyfat

Our proven training method is not only convenient for your schedule, but effective on your waistline. Not only will you lose bodyfat but you’ll gain lean muscle, increase your coordination and strength, and so much more. All in 4 weeks!


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