Frequently Asked Questions


Is hiring a Personal Trainer right for me?

Personally, I believe everyone should have a trainer. Even trainers should have trainers! It is truly an investment in your health and well-being. There’s so many reasons to work with one:

– Exercise safety through proper form

– Accountability and Motivation

– Scientifically proven to produce better results than training on your own

– Personalized programs based around your fitness level

– Optimize your workout time

– Top athletes use trainers and so should you. It’s not enough to “know enough” to work out on your own. Personal Trainers drive you to reach your goals.

The most important reason I would advise hiring a trainer is safety and confidence in reaching your goals. We live in such a modernized world that everything is automatic and most of our jobs are very sedentary. Because of this, reports of low-back pain, neck pain, and the chance of pulling and straining weak muscles is very high for the deconditioned individual.

Postural imbalances can develop by having a sedentary lifestyle and greatly compromise proper form, which in turn greatly increases the risk of injury especially as the the weight used in resistance training also increases. Having my own lower back injury steered me to wanting to become a Personal Trainer and learn how to workout safely and reach my goals without damaging my body.

The secondary reason would be having the confidence of reaching your goals quicker by relying on proven techniques. Many Personal Trainers try to stay current with cutting edge research and are very familiar with what works and what doesn’t.

Are you Certified?

Yes. Josh and Abbi are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer. Josh is additionally certified as a Weight Loss Specialist also through NASM.

NASM is THE industry standard for Personal Training Certifications. Not only is it accredited and therefore highly recognized, it has led the fitness industry with it’s quality teachings and instruction for over 20 years. All information that is taught is current, evidence-based, made by internationally renowned experts, and applied with client safety as the primary focus.

What does all that jargon mean? That the methods, strategies, and approaches to fitness, nutrition, and programming I use are designed and proven to get you results. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or just move better, you are far more likely to reach your goals with an NASM trainer AND have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to do so all while keeping you safe and reduce your risk of injury.

Can I still get great results by having you come to me vs meeting at a gym?

There are definitely some great perks to training in your home rather than the traditional gym setting.

1. Accountability: Because I come to you and our appointment is pre-scheduled, it dramatically increases exercise adherence and reduces procrastination or “blowing off” your workout. There’s not too many excuses that can be made to get out of training when it’s set up like this which is why it’s so effective. Having trained clients in a gym as well as in-home, I can attest that I had far more cancellations and excuses come up for not being able to make it to the gym than I’ve ever had training clients in their homes.

2. Convenience: Have you ever gone to the gym at a peak time and couldn’t find a free treadmill? What about trying to get a bench on Mondays (a.k.a. international Chest Day)? Training at home instantly takes the hassle out of your workout experience by making sure you never have to fight for your equipment. Not to mention you don’t have to stress out about traffic, you save money by saving gas, time because you don’t have to travel, and when you’re done, you can shower and change in the comfort, privacy, and cleanliness of your own home. Imagine not having to wear sandals in the shower after your workout (and if you’re not wearing sandals in the gym shower, you will after you read this)

3. Comfort: Many people report feeling very uncomfortable in gyms and when working out around people who may be farther along than they are. Feelings of judgement, intimidation, and insecurity are all common feelings in these scenarios. But In-Home Personal Training is private and much more comfortable. You never have to worry about judgement, embarrassment, or be self-conscious and you get much higher quality attention and service from your trainer.

Does everyone get the same workout? I have previous injuries/medical conditions. Will these workouts be safe for me?

My programs are fully personalized. When I do consultations I take clients through 2 or 3 assessments that help me see where they’re at physically. The initial assessment is the backbone of any personalized training program. It’s what sets your workout routine apart from the generic “one-size-fits-all” programs you’ll find online, in fitness magazines, and from most commercial workout products.

One of the most critical yet least addressed aspects of training is that of posture and the reality of muscle imbalances in an individual. Muscle imbalances lead to the body producing incorrect and compromising movement patterns that could set you up for an injury. Because of this, the first assessment I take clients through is a postural assessment to see if there is any muscle imbalances that need to be addressed in the program. This is to ensure safety and reduce the potential of injury down the road.

In order to help my clients reach their goals, they need to know where they’re starting from so that progress can be tracked. This is more than just tracking weight from week to week. It’s crucial  to know how much weight is fat and how much is muscle. Knowing each is important for both weight loss and muscle mass gain and to see progress month-to-month. All this information together sets the stage for completely customized program designs that are sure to deliver excellent results.

Any other questions?

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether it’s “what do you think about Keto” or “can I still have abs and eat donuts” I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what’s on your mind and send me a message.



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