Get great results and win big! Competitive Bootcamp-Style Personal Training where the more points you earn, the more results you get, and the more prizes you win.

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Personalized Programs. Build muscle, burn fat, or both.

Know How Many Calories to Eat and Get Your Macros Calculated. Get Full Nutrition Support

Win Prizes By Being Consistent & Competing Against Other Clients

Have a Certified Personal Trainer Hold You Accountable & Keep You Safe


Do you want more from your workouts? Are you inconsistent? Tired of going to the gym or working out at home and not really seeing the changes you’re looking for? 

Good. I am too. That’s why I made FIERCE. 

Alpha Omega FIERCE is built to drive results and make it fun and competitive so you always look forward to not only working out but doing the things outside of your workout you need to do to see the changes you’re wanting. 

You know, like getting enough protein each day and drinking enough water?

What if by doing these things you not only lost weight or gained muscle but you also won prizes for working so hard and staying consistent? I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Now you can and you can have it all: personal training, gym-quality results, and amazing prizes that keep you hungry for more. Don’t believe me? I invite you to try out a risk free consultation where we can go over your goals and see what’s holding you back.

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Win Prizes and See Real Progress

Stay motivated with daily, weekly, and monthly opportunities to win prizes.

What prizes you ask?

Oh you know, only trophies, medallions, unique apparel made for winners only, services from local businesses and even cash.

FIERCE is here to make sure you see the results you’re wanting while making it fun in the process. 

Josh is so wonderful! He creates a safe, judgement-free, diverse and effective work out while making us all feel comfortable, and providing modifications when necessary. He respects your pace, yet pushes you when he knows you’re capable of more. I’ve never seen results so quickly!!!

Courtney S


Meet Your Trainer

I’m Josh and I’m the owner and head trainer of Alpha Omega Personal Fitness. 

I’m certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (the leading school for trainers in the country) as a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist.

I’ve been training professionally for 6 years and started my own fitness journey 12 years ago.

I became a personal trainer and started this company because I love helping people. After reaching my own weight loss goals by losing over 100 lbs I knew I wanted to help other people see life-changing success.

I’m here for YOU. I care about your success and I’ll make sure you reach your goals. Get started with a complimentary consultation today!


I have been working out with Josh for twice a week since last December and it has changed my body for the best! Josh has taught me so much about fitness it’s hard to know where to begin. My form has improved so much because I am doing the exercises correctly, which shows in my results! I really enjoy how he switches the workouts up every month so my body doesn’t get used to repetition and it is never boring! I also make better food choices now and track my calorie intake as well. I can tell from my results that he tracks how much of a difference training with him has made. I look forward to continuing with Josh because he holds me accountable and this has been the only thing that has worked for me in years!!!

Lindsay E.


Results Like Nothing Else

What do you need to be successful?

Motivation? Consistency? To lose 10 lbs? To gain some muscle or strength? 

Whatever you need help with you’ll get with FIERCE. 

Our programs are personalized to you, backed by cutting edge scientic techniques, and proven to work so you get exactly what you need to be successful in your fitness goals.

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