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Group Training (4+people)

Enjoy a fun, fast-paced cardio and resistance circuit guaranteed to get the heart rate up and the burn off those calories. Specifically designed to tone and tighten the body with a heavy emphasis on core and abs.

Sessions are primarily held outdoors at parks or the beach, but can be done pretty much anywhere.

Pop-up Workouts, Corporate Training, and Weekly Classes are also available. If you are interested in hosting a class for your company, complex, property, or next event please call me at 904-615-8829 or fill out the contact form.

Challenging and Fun Programs

We let our creativity come out to play when designing our group sessions! With minimal equipment in an open environment, we make any place the gym and get a great workout together. From partner-assisted moves to pushing and motivating each other to keep going, we keep it fun and challenging no matter what your current conditioning level. That’s on top of producing awesome results!

Affordable Options

Group training reduces the price of training up to as much as 75% per month for each person. This can save you between $100-400 a month with an average savings of $250 just by training with friends, family, or coworkers. Studies have shown that people are more likely to adhere to health and fitness efforts when doing so with a friend or significant other. So if price is an obstacle, get a group together to train with you!

Focused on Convenience

We come to you!

Not only do we provide everything you need to be successful by creating a custom training program and help with nutrition and accountability, but we take out the obstacles that stand in your way of being consistent such as travel time and fighting traffic, forgetting gear (like those pesky headphones; we bring the music to you), and even when you only have time to work out in the morning or evening and rarely have the motivation to do so. 

We make it to where these obstacles are a thing of the past. With Alpha Omega Personal Fitness, there will be nothing standing in your way from achieving your goals!


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