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Get fit anywhere with Alpha Omega Personal Fitness! We can train you at home, your apartment or neighborhood gym, and even the park or the beach, wherever you want!

On top of everything you would normally get with a professionally certified personal trainer such as great results, personal attention to form and success, and motivation, you’ll also have a trainer that will help you go above and beyond to cut out obstacles and excuses.

We’ll bring the equipment. All you’ll need to do is lace up your shoes and get ready to work.

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What You Get

Custom Programs

All exercise programs are custom. We take an integrated training approach to involve as many aspects of fitness to develop a conditioned and well-rounded/functional body.

Different types of training involved are core, cardiovascular endurance, balance, speed, agility, quickness (SAQ) training, strength training, endurance training, hypertrophy (muscle size) training. The combination of targeting these different goals makes reaching your primary goal that much easier.

Whether you’re male or female and interested in cardio or weight training, or even in sports specific training, we have a program for you.

Options For Everyone

We provide the option of doing 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Half hour sessions are focused sessions designed for those with tighter schedules.

All programs are “fully loaded” with nutritional guidance, motivation and accountability built in so no matter what option you choose, you’ll have all the tools you need for your program to be successful.

Flexibility is important to us. Whether you want to train 5 times a week or may only have the ability to do so once or twice, we want to help and provide options to make that possible.

We also have different formats such as semi-private and group fitness classes in Jacksonville, Fl for those wanting to train in a private setting with friends or family.

Facilitating Your Success

Not only do we provide everything you need to be successful by creating a custom training program and help with nutrition and accountability, but we take out the obstacles that stand in your way of being consistent.

I’m sure you know the struggles; travel time and fighting traffic, forgetting gear (like those pesky headphones; we bring the music with us), and even when you only have time to work out in the morning or evening and rarely have the motivation to do so. 

We make it to where these obstacles are a thing of the past. With Alpha Omega Personal Fitness, there will be nothing standing in your way from achieving your goals!


We can help you with:

Weight Loss or Toning

Whether your goal is to lose a certain amount of pounds or just see more definition, we can surely help.

Our approach differs from most others as we take a long term view of weight loss. Do you want to lose 10 pounds now only to gain it back in 3 months? No.

By focusing on making steady progress over time you ensure that you keep the results you’re working so hard to get, and actually burning fat off not just general weight which is easily replaced (like water).

Toning goals are similar. No drastic diets here or starving yourself please! We’ll show you how to reach your goals without being extremely restrictive in your eating.

We’ll take some assessments to see where you’re starting at and then use a combination of resistance, cardio, and endurance training to make sure you reach your goals and blast the fat away. Combine this with proper nutrition principles and you will see amazing results.

Plus because of this specific type of programming technique, you’ll see many other benefits like improved energy, increased strength, and happier wellbeing. Awesome!


Is gaining muscle or shaping your body your goal?

Great, we can help! Bodybuilding, or also called hypertrophy training, is near and dear to our hearts. 

This type of training requires a stricter focus than most and many kind find it difficult to get the body to respond the way they want it to, namely, to increase muscle size or pack on more overall muscle mass.

Our trainers are extensively taught in this type of training and can help you reach your muscle building goals no problem.

We use many different techniques to help your body build muscle all without the use of machines. Machines are great for targeting specific muscle groups but quite literally take your stabilization muscles out of the equation which can quickly lead to injury if they get neglected.

Our options of free weights, bodyweight, and bands can absolutely still deliver amazing results. We see it happen time and time again.


Cardio training is both a method we use to help reach specific goals like weight loss but also to increase overall health and conditioning.

By using a variety of different cardio forms such as steady state, low, moderate, and high intensity cardio, and interval training, you’ll see a huge boost in your cardiovascular ability which means:

-more energy

-more endurance

-better health

-lower risk for heart disease

-increased brain health and function

-better physical performance and ability

So if you just want to sweat or are getting ready to run a marathon, we’ve got you covered.


If strength training is your goal then get ready to move some weight!

We help our clients gain strength through progressive overload and increasing weight moved on the big lifts; chest press, rows, squats, overhead presses and deadlifts. 

We’ll supply the equipment to help you grow here or if you have access to a home or neighborhood/apartment gym we can make use of the equipment there to continue to get great results.

We also help clients gain strength through bodyweight means. Pushups, pull ups, core work , and other movements that require a significant amount of body control and strength are all incorporated and used to create a well-balanced program that is not only specific towards the primary goal but functional and crosses over into other abilities. 


This type of training is core to most goals. All training requires endurance and we definitely incorporate this into our approach.

Endurance training can be sports specific  such as long distance running, swimming, or simply being able to complete longer workouts.

Regardless of your goal, endurance training will usually be incorporated as there’s no end to its’ benefits.

Whether you want to tone down and are worried that lifting weights will get you big and bulky (they won’t, I promise) endurance training with resistance can be a good middle ground to where you can get the benefits of resistance training with a very minimal increase in muscle size. 

Running longer, doing more sets, or getting more reps are all parts of endurance training and all can help reach bigger goals such as athletic conditioning, weight loss, and more strength and size if programmed correctly. 

Our trainers can help you use this type of training in your program or help you reach specific endurance based goals if that is what you are looking to accomplish.


Don’t forget to stretch!

Flexibility is an extremely important variable for all goals and general health and well-being. 

We absolutely hate the idea of a client getting a setback through an injury. It’s painful and, well, unproductive!

Safety first is our mission and that is why we incorporate stretching and flexibility training into all our programs. 

We also use advanced stretching techniques that can be done as standalone recovery sessions or used at the end of workout sessions.

Flexibility can help contribute to greater athletic performance as well as reduce the chance of injuries. It can also help the body heal and recover from previous workout sessions.

We use flexibility training to help correct muscle imbalances that can also lead to injury and we perform assessments to identify these imbalances.


Training for a sport takes high levels of conditioning and focus. This is more than just intensity. You need to be able to throw further, run faster, turn and cut at a moment’s notice.

Our trainers can help you perform better than ever and get you in tip top shape! Schedule a consultation today

Pre/post Natal

Congratulations! Having a baby is a wonderful part of life and whether you’re preparing for that new family member or they’re already here, having a fitness program built around you is very important.

Studies have shown that structured exercise prior to giving birth can vastly help the birthing process. Working with a trainer can make the whole process safer as there are exercises and activities that are ok during this time and many that aren’t. 

This goes for post delivery as well. In the weeks following giving birth, your body is going to need to relearn to be itself as it just went through a drastic change. Knowing how much to do and when can prevent overuse injuries and keep you on track to getting your body back on track.

We have a ton of experience working with clients pre and postnatal and can make sure you stay safe and see the results you’re looking for.

Schedule a consultation today!


Fitness training for senior citizens is one of our specialties. There’s no group that can benefit from fitness more than seniors! 

This is because as we age everything that came naturally like balance, energy, and strength diminishes over time. The good news is that studies have shown that different types of training like resistance training and balance or stability training can go a long way in helping seniors stay strong, energized and reduce the risk of injury.

Our programs are built to develop well-rounded fitness modified to you and your ability level. We take into account medical conditions, previous injuries, even minor aches and pains so we can develop a program that addresses these factors and keeps you safe. 

We’ll also work to help reduce pain if possible through stretching and strengthening techniques.

We love our seniors! We are passionate with working with seniors and helping them move more and feel their best.


Kids can benefit from training too!

If they’re super rambunctious and need to burn off some extra energy or you just want to make sure they get the activity they need to stay healthy as they grow, personal training is a great option for them as well.

We’ve worked with families who want their child to stay active as well as prepare for sports or even just so they can feel better about themselves as most children are sedentary these days. This can lead to developmental issues and obesity in children.

Children and teenagers can train on their own or workout with the family, we can adapt to fit any goal you may have for them.

Our training programs for youth are backed by science and meant to keep them safe while getting all the benefits of being active.

Injury Prevention

What’s the number one aspect of a good training program?

Safety, safety, and more safety.

Injuries and setbacks aren’t just painful they’re unproductive. There’s no excuse for not training smart to make sure that these setbacks are avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, not all trainers understand this and we get many clients who have come to us after an injury they gained when working with another trainer.

We’ll show you how to modify exercises to work around injuries and pain as well as perform exercises correctly to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

We also work with clients who have been released from physical therapy and can help continue the work and recovery. We’ll coordinate with your therapist to make sure you’re getting consistent care on your journey as well.

Basic Training

The physical fitness standards required for basic training is no easy task. And if you think you can just go into basic training with no prior preparation you’re in for a world of hurt!

We’ve helped clients get ready for their tests as well as basic training so they can pass with flying colors.

If you’re considering going into a branch of the military you’ll want to make sure you can pass basic training with relative ease, with ease being as less extra strain as possible.

We’ll help you get in shape for PT. Expect a good 6 months of training to get you ready for basic. We’ve got you covered!

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