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Training for couples, family, or friends so you can get even better results!





Train as a couple or with a friend, family member, or co-worker and reach your fitness goals together!

Workout buddies are definitely a thing and it’s been proven to help get better results. Whether it’s from friendly competition or just motivating each other to do your best, working out alongside others with a trainer pushing you past your limits is an excellent way to see those results you’re wanting.

We customize workouts to the individual even in a semi-private setting so you can be confident you’re still working towards your specific goals.

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What You Get

Custom Programs

Our programs are completely customized to the individual. With minimal equipment, you’ll learn how to get the body you’ve always wanted by utilizing bodyweight, bands and dumbbells.

We place a heavy emphasis on functional movements, building strength and cardio ability. All necessary components to not only increase athletic performance and reach goals but to live and live well.

We offer programs for male and female alike and focus on cardio, weight training, and functional fitness.

More People Means More Success

Science has proven over and over again that there is greater benefits from working out in a social setting than working out alone. 

Of course when working with a trainer, you’ve got one person in your corner. When you involve friends, family, or loved ones, it can have an even greater impact because you get the added benefit of either increased competition or accountability.

Bottomline, it’s highly effective and lots of fun!

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